The A3 Center works on R&D projects focused on reducing the environmental impact of processes in the tanning sector and deriving new materials that can bring added value to the industry and enable it to compete with emerging markets.


New technology and materials in the leather sector

Research and development of new processes, technologies, and products in the leather, textile, and paper sector, using less resources so as to reduce environmental impact, within the circular economy strategy.



Biotechnology comprises a part of the main strategic lines of the A3 Center since its application permits use of environmentally cleaner processes, the use of which is currently on the rise. It is applied to residues and materials from the tanning sector, to then be employed across the board in other sectors.


Advanced materials

In this line/direction, obtaining new materials through innovative techniques is examined. The application of nanotechnology on different biomaterial - leather, paper, and textile - is investigated. The application of such on materials confers new properties to these biomaterials, allowing for the creation of new products and increasing their impact in the business sector.