Technology Transfer

Technical support, quality control for analytical laboratories, or experimental tanning plant services where research is conducted primarily for companies in the leather sector but also for paper, graphic arts, textile, chemical, metallurgy, and food companies.


Experimental tanning plant services

The A3 Leather Innovation Center has an experimental tanning plant, fully equipped with the machinery needed to carry out the entire tanning process, as well as an analysis laboratory integrated within the basic system of the Catalonian Testing and Industrial Services Laboratories.


Technical advisory services

Technical advice in industries such as tanning, fashion textiles, paper, chemical, and other related industries, in measuring of leather and patterns, in creating reports on different aspects of the leather and fabric quality; advice and process development; industrial organization; plant design; environmental management; implementation of regulations; analytical applications in business laboratories; development of analysis protocols custom-made for interested users.


Laboratory analysis quality assurance

The laboratory for chemical, physics, and soundness tests follows internal quality control based on regulation UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025 Quality Management System in accordance with regulation UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 (AENOR). A3 participates in interlaboratory studies together with other centers of renowned prestige, on both a state and European level.

Some members of the A3 Center are part of the international standardization committees (CEN / ISO), from where they promote and improve the sector’s testing standard norms.