Sustainable Mas Customization -Mass Customization for Sustainability-.

FP7-2010-NMP-ICT-F (2010-2012)

Development of a new Autonomous and Intelligent Material Regeneration Technology.

Leader: ACCIONA. Partners: A3 Chair, 13 companies and 21 research centres-universities. . CDTI-CENIT (2012-2013)

Development of new chromium-free ecological leather articles for high quality markets.

Leader: ACCIONA. Partners: A3 Chair, Proyecto Fontanellas y Martí. CDTI (2012-2014)

Generation of a new biopolymer through the interaction of peptides obtained from the hydrolysis of collagen materials from the leather sector and materials recovered from serum.

Leader: A3 Chair, Proyecto Fontanellas y Martí. CDTI (2010-2013).

Automatic Damage Assessment System for Cultural Heritage Leathers and Parchments. Studying the leather ageing process allows its restoration to be improved.

Leader: A3 Chair, Mira Telecom (RU), Polytechnic University of Bucharest (RU), National Museum of Romanian History, Curtits Aqualata. Eureka (2012-2015).

Low carbon products to design leather processes based on sustainable tannins to improve leather manufacture.

Leader: Curtits Aqualata. Partners: A3 Chair, Combalia, LeatherQuimica, ICPI (RU), Pielorec (RU). Eurostars (2011-2014).

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