The goal of the GRAPETAN project is to make leather tanning a more sustainable oricess that us respectful of the environment and contributes to the circular economy. This research has culminated in the discovery of a natural tannin that us extracted from grape seedsm thus taking ine of the waste products generated by the viticulture sector and applying it to the tanning industry.


Nanoparticles, nanocapsules and polymer nanodispersions to give new functions to leather and textile materials applied in public places and vehicles.

Leader: The A3 Chair. Partners: Curtits Aqualata, Colorantes Industriales, Ecopol, Aunde, and Figueras International Seating. . Eurostars (2010-2012).

Development of a tanning process to make biodegradable leather using sustainable natural resources from the waste products generated from logging pine trees.

Leader: The A3 Chair and Curtidos Combalia CDTI (2016-2017)

Development of eco-friendly home laundry technology using nanostructured polymer beads.

Leader: The A3 Chair. Partner: Ecopol. Eurostars-2 (2017-2020)

Low carbon products to design leather processes based on sustainable tannins to improve leather manufacture.

Leader: Curtits Aqualata. Partners: A3 Chair, Combalia, LeatherQuimica, ICPI (RU), Pielorec (RU). Eurostars (2011-2014).

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